Miele Guide 2013: Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud gets the number 5 again!


Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique in Ubud, Bali, once again takes place as one of the top Asian restaurants, with the 5th place on the top 20 list of the now established Miele Guide. This achievement comes after several Miele Guide top 20 positions, reaffirming the restaurant’s excellence and its place in the best of Asia. Along with Robuchon Au Dome, Waku Ghin, l’Atelier Joel Robuchon and Iggy’s, Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique epitomizes Asian food lovers and experts’ choice for Asian culinary showcase. With progressive, delicate and inimitable savoir-faire the cuisine of Chef Chris Salans and his team, takes its place once again amongst the best of the region.

After over 10 years of culinary discoveries, continuous excellence and after providing thousands with the fantastic enchantment of his garden set gastronomy experiences, Chef Salans sees Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique once again praised by voters of the Miele Guide. “I am honored so many voters still believe in what i had set out to do when i opened Mozaic. I wanted to make sure the world knew the culinary treasures we had in Bali and now to see that 3 Balinese restaurants made it to the Miele Guide top 20 this year, makes me really proud to have been part of this movement. I wanted Bali to become a culinary destination, and i guess we’ve achieved it.” says Salans.

The team behind the chef-owner is also part of the celebration of Mozaic. “With few members leaving and several returning, the smiling faces who are behind the scenes and in the front row, are truly remarkable people. Many in Bali have noted that the high standards of service at Mozaic has been a benchmark for other restaurants to look up to. Proof it could be done. I am very proud of them” says General Manager Nicola Scaramuzzino.

Newly published Miele Guide, the 5th edition, has lists and profiles of the top 500 restaurants across 17 countries, demonstrating the immense diversity and rich heritage of the gastronomic scene in Asia. Sponsored by Miele the German appliances manufacturer, the guide is published in Singapore by Ate Publishing. The voting is regulated in rounds where voters can choose from a shortlist of restaurants which had been selected by a panel of 73 of the most respected restaurant critics and food writers in Asia. Thousands of voters have participated this year, to elect the Top 20 of Asia, amongst the 17 countries represented.