Chris presents at the presitigious Ubud Readers and Writers Festival


Mozaic’s culinary philosophy of taking fine western food and infusing them with the vast wealth of flavours commonly found in Indonesia was born in Ubud. It was then fitting that Chris got to share his passion with the patrons of the prestigious Ubud Readers & Writers Festival, the largest festival of its kind in Asia.

Chris’ presentation started with an informal talk on the wealth of flavours to be found in Indonesia with particular focus on what’s known locally in Balinese as ‘Kecicang’ (in English, Torch Ginger Flower). The Kecicang is a striking red flower which when it is young looks similar to a ginger plant and possesses a bright, peppery, floral flavor. Chris and Head Chef of Mozaic Gastronomique Ubud, Blake Thornley, then demonstrated how Kecicang can be used to make a refreshing sorbet much to the delight of the patrons of the event.

Following the presentation Mozaic Restaurant opened the doors to its famous workshop to do a full cooking class demonstrating many of the techniques and flavours which has made Chris’ cuisine so famous.

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